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My name is Stephanie, and since I was a young girl, owning a specialty ice cream boutique has always been a dream of mine. I ran a concession stand on my own as a child. I love the interaction with people and the hustle and bustle that comes along with it. I’ve had an entrepreneur spirit my whole life, so I couldn’t help myself from formulating my dream in my head and thinking about how it could be my very own brand, my very own creation, and be a business that had all the ideas of something that represented me. I wanted it to embody…family-oriented, approachable, affordable, fun, community-focused and most of all…be delicious!


Well, my sweet and incredibly supportive husband Tommie made my dream come true. We owe it all to God. He paved the way for us in 2015 and we opened in 2017.


Our concept for Coney’s stemmed from a desire to have a family-friendly business. With three pretty amazing kids—Makenna, Gracie and Dylan—we knew we wanted them to be a part of it.  We also have a deep love for our community.  Tommie and I, as well as the kids, have always volunteered in the community, whether it be coaching sports, helping out with school functions or serving as a family at the local food pantry.


And that’s what Coney’s is all about—family and community. We love our wonderful Lake County, Florida neighbors and today Coney’s is a place where families can come and enjoy something amazing any day of the week and not just on special occasions.  We offer a welcoming, friendly place to gather and enjoy amazing treats!


Tommie makes all of the italian ice from scratch right in the store using only the best ingredients. Our soft serve ice cream is rich and creamy, whether you enjoy it in a cup or cone or mixed with our homemade Italian ice to create a mouth-watering gelati that will keep you coming back time and time again. We also have many other offerings including malts, hand-dipped milkshakes, iced coffee and a 100% all beef hot dog that has become pretty popular with the locals.


Many ask if we are a franchise... We are not. Coney’s was founded on a dream and the concept grew from there. It is a family-owned and operated business.


Although there have been many sacrifices over the past few years we believe that it is worth it all! The love and support of our regular customers is wonderful.  You may come in as a customer but to expect to leave feeling like part of our family!




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